Language lessons

What do I teach?

  • German (until C1)
  • English (until B2)
  • French (until B2)
  • Spanish (until B2)
  • Italian (only A1)
  • Russian (only A1)

Where do the lessons take place?

In Skype: My account is PARKITLOVEIT

Prices for lessons

  • 1 hour (60 minutes): 22 EUR
  • 3 hours: 45 EUR
  • 10 hours: 198 EUR
  • 20 hours: 384 EUR

When are lessons possible?

Rules for appointments:

You can change appointments until 24 hours before the lesson. If you cancel less than 24 hours before the lessons, you have to pay 50% cancelation cost, because I can’t sell this slot to another student.

Where can you contact me to make appointments?

Via Email:

I’m looking forward to having new students all the time!

Pay via Paypal or bank transfer:


Bank transfer:

  • Account holder: Mona Rieger
  • IBAN: DE57 100 100 100 144 675 123
  • Purpose of use: Lessons


You may donate if you find my videos and blog posts useful. Danke 💜 thank you 💛 gracias 🧡 merci 💙 grazie 💚 спасибо ❤️

Please donate and contact me to get an ebook without becoming a student!


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