How I learn foreign languages – part 2

So please watch the first part first, otherwise you wouldn’t understand what I’m talking about. I will make one more video of how I learn foreign languages. But sure I will talk about my vanlife, too, in the next videos. By the way, if you want to learn German, I’m there for you. Just go to my homepage and contact, and then tell me how often you want to learn and how long each lesson should be. Special offer for Russians and Italians:

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Geschichten über Reisen und Vanlife in 6 Sprachen, Stories about travel and vanlife in 6 languages , Histoires sur les voyages et la vie en van en 6 langues, Historias sobre viajes y la vida en furgoneta en 6 idiomas, Storie di viaggi e la vita in furgoneta in 6 lingue, Истории о путешествиях и Жизнь в фургоне на 6 языках,

How I learn languages part 1

Hi, I’m Mona. I’m a foreign language secretary and language teacher for pupils in German, English and French. See how I learn foreign languages.

Willkommen bei parkitloveit

Willkommen bei Parkitwhereyouloveit! Du willst wissen, wie man ohne Wohnung leben kann? Willst du sehen, was Vanlife für mich ist? Interessiert dich, wie man Geld sparen und glücklicher sein kann? Dann bist du bei mir genau richtig. Ich habe meine Wohnung im Juni 2018 aufgelöst und lebe seit her in meinem Auto mit Dachzelt. Zuerst in einem Škoda Fabia, seit August 2019 in einem Škoda Kodiaq. Neun Monate habe ich auf Teneriffa gelebt und dort im Büro gearbeitet. Seit Juni 2019 lebe und arbeite ich wieder in München und Umgebung. Ich habe eine neue Sondervereinbarung mit den Hotels, für die ich arbeite:

Welcome to parkitloveit

Welcome to parkitwhereyouloveit. You want to know how to live without a flat? Want to see what Vanlife is for me? Interested in how to save money and be happier? Then you are exactly right with me. I gave up my apartment in June 2018 and have lived in my car with a rooftop tent ever since. First in a Skoda Fabia, since August 2019 in a Skoda Kodiaq. I lived in Tenerife for nine months and worked in the office. Since June 2019 I have lived and worked again in Munich and surroundings. I have a new special agreement with the hotels I work for:

Желаемое сотрудничество

Я хотела бы работать с другими блоггерами/ с другими изучающими язык. Я мону исправлять статьи вашего блога/ тексты, а взамен вы исправите мои статьи в блоге/ тексты на английском, французском, испанском, итальянском или русском языках. Кто участвует?

Cooperazione desiderata

Mi piacerebbe lavorare con altri blogger. Vorrei correggere i tuoi articoli di blog che hai tradotto in tedesco da Google Translate o tu stesso, e in cambio mi correggi i miei articoli di blog tradotti in inglese, francese, spagnolo, italiano e russo. Chi viole participare?